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I know I don't typically post about menswear on here, but I really wanted to share with y'all a video lookbook for Richmond Thread Lab's new Blue Moon collection. I first learned about the vintage inspired collection through my boyfriend who swore by their dapper ass ties back when he lived in Baltimore. Their latest collection takes inspiration from Japanese fabric designers as well as the texture and movement of the lunar phases. Like a blue moon, the fabrics in our latest collection are rare and exclusive and typically limited to a 10 piece run. 
They just released their newest lookbook video which was such a huge inspiration for me to start doing videos (coming so so so soon guys! I can't wait!) and really encouraged me to try and capture and share that New York City spirit which draws all of us transplants in.

Richmond Thread Lab -Blue Moon Collection- 2014 Summer Look Book from FAM Design on Vimeo.

paisley please + exciting news!

I'm happy to announce that I've teamed up with the Brooklyn based creative team at FAM! design to bring you guys new and better blog content. While we've been quietly working hard to strategize and queue up new posts, here's just a quick taste of our process, featuring the perfect spring weekend staples from Vans. Classic black lo pro kicks - sturdy and comfy enough to pound the pavement during location scouting, billowy paisley pants, and a sporty racerback tank: comfortable as hell to move around in, traverse downtown Manhattan's cobblestone blocks, and of course fashionable enough to still turn some heads.

photos: FAM! design

| Tank: c/o VANS | Pants: c/o VANS | Sneakers: c/o VANS

Top 5 student budget apps

There's really no inexpensive way of being a student these days. You'll have your hands full dealing with things like trying to find a flat with rent you can afford or a provider of reasonably cheap electricity, so it can be hard to think about more detailed budgeting. You still need to do it, though, since letting it slide is a recipe for disaster: you'll probably find yourself running out of cash all too easily. Fortunately, you can enlist your smartphone to help, thanks to these budgeting apps. You won't break the bank trying them out, either, as all of them are free to download!

1: Toshl Finance

This is one of many personal finance managers, but it scores against the opposition by concentrating on features rather than looks. The app makes it simple to keep track of income and expenditure on a regular basis and will take account of holiday periods. Unlike many popular apps, Toshl Finance is available on Windows Phone as well as the usual iOS/Android combination. The basic version of the app is free, but the $20 per year that the Pro version will cost may be worth the outlay: it offers a slew of extra features, including graphs and Excel export.

2: Quidco

The idea behind this app is simple: keep spending as normal, but get a small cash sum returned either monthly or when your account reaches a predetermined threshold. As with supermarket loyalty cards, the flip side of this is that retailers will get to know quite a bit about your shopping habits – and some of your personal details, too – but if that's something you can accept, then the lure of gaining partial refunds for purchases at over 4,000 high street and online retailers may be hard to resist.

3: mySuperList

However tight your finances may get, you'll still need to buy food and other essentials, so you'll spend plenty of time in supermarkets. This app helps you to keep track of prices and promotions from the major chains, as well as Boots, Superdrug and Ocado. When you're in a store, you can scan a barcode to see whether a price is competitive. The app will also alert you to "Savvy Buys" – products which are particularly good value. You can set up a mySupermarket account and keep it synced with mySuperList for extra convenience. The iOS version of this app seems slightly more stable than its Android counterpart.

4: MoneyWise

This Android app is an excellent piece of software that's one of the most user-friendly budgeting options around. You can split your income and outgoings between several accounts – useful if you're one of the millions of students relying on a part-time job to get you through university – and see the state of your funds via a variety of graphs and tables. You can also export to HTML for archiving purposes. The almost identically named "Moneywise" for iOS is an entirely different budgeting app, but if you have an Apple device then it's also worth checking out.

5: OrSaveIt

Impulse buying is something that most students succumb to at some point. If you often find yourself buying stuff you don't really need, try this clever app. Every time you hold back from spending £2 on a cup of coffee, press the relevant button and you'll see £2 added to your "impulse saving" account. You'll surprise yourself with just how quickly those extra few pounds you save here and there can add up. Every week, you'll get an email letting you know how much OrSaveIt has helped you save.

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come join me at Olive & Bette's with Ryan Porter jewelry tomorrow in NYC!

Hey NYC! If you're free tomorrow from 11-5, come stop by Olive & Bette's at 1070 Madison Avenue (81st and Madison, easily accessible from the 4,5,6 trains!). I'll be hosting an event with Ryan Porter, maker of those awesome bracelets you've been seeing on editors and bloggers all over your instagram. Stop by and say hi!



HOLD EVERYTHING GUYS! My favorite NYC spot for clothing, shoes, and accessories, Pixie Market,  is having a sample sale at their Lower East Side location this weekend and things are $20, $40, and $60! I feel like I shouldn't be telling y'all this since I know I want EVERYTHING for myself, but alas, Pixie is too good of a secret to keep!

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