All About Rose


I'm so excited to share with you all these fun, feminine, spring looks from Dorothy Perkins All About Rose collection. While I usually tend to go for more menswear inspired looks, the spring weather just makes me want to dress like a princess and wear pretty prints. Floral can intimidate me, but the great thing about this collection is that the classic rose pattern is re contextualized in tons of easy to pair separates including pants, shorts, and crop tops.
Check out the rest of the All About Rose collection here and tell me how you would pair their pretty rose prints in your own wardrobe!

| Pants: c/o Dorothy Perkins | Shorts: c/o Dorothy Perkins | Rosette top: c/o Dorothy Perkins |

photos: FAM!

back to black

Hey guys! Just saying hi from the 10th circle of hell that is finals week to share with you all a super quick outfit post featuring my latest obsessions from Coach and Rebecca Minkoff! Hope you're all LURVING this warm weather and if you're a student: GOOD LUCK ON FINALS - I #BELIEVE IN U~*~*~*


| Jacket: c/o Coach |  Bag: c/o Rebecca Minkoff |

triple threat

Thanks to my friends at Zappos, I'm quite excited to share with you three of my classic spring style tips featuring the quintessential colorful racerback tank, the LBD (little black dress), and the bustier/structured crop top.

The Colorful Racerback Tank: Alright real talk... I can rock a black turtleneck, black pants, and black shoes alllllll winter long and feel ~*totally*~ edgy and minimal and just #holierthanthou but the SECOND warm weather hits I can no longer resist the allure of colorful prints. Like IDGAF if I'm never going to Coachella, or I find the ubiquitous dream catchers found in 99.9% of freshman girls' dorm rooms both creepily dystopian and casually racist, or what. I F*CKING LOVE COLORFUL PRINTS WHEN SPRING ROLLS AROUND IDC IDC IDC. Luckily, there are other ways to pair these types of easy breezy tops other than with *~festival jorts~* which personally flatten my butt and give me a Hank Hill behind which is not v. optimal for bringing boys 2 my yard [via vegan milkshake]. I paired my Mara Hoffman tank with crisp white jeans, silver snake print heels, and lots of similarly cool toned baubles from my babes at Stella Valle.  

The LBD: I LOVE this Stylestalker puppy. It's one of those rare dresses that's somehow manages to be both sexy AND intimidating at the same time. It's tight and black and short but it's also got this rad gold hardware on it and the long black sleeves balance out the dangerously low V. For all the small chested girls out there, THIS IS OUR #MOMENT. Small chests can really just rock the eff out of this deep V trend rn, because with us it's all just clavicle and sternum and by negating the overt sexuality of this piece, it transforms the cut from simply too revealing to *~*~*sTyLiSh*~*~*.

The Bustier: While it may be a bit intimidating to rock lingerie as outerwear, bustiers and underwire crop tops are actually quite easy and fun to wear. I know what you're thinking. Easy? It's *literally* underwear. In the daytime. As a "look". But trust, the cropped length of these babies necessitates high waisted bottoms (diaper-esque drop crotch optional - I personally like to feel my inseam around my knees...makes me feel alive) which in turn, gives off a consciously revealing aesthetic (as opposed to unconsciously revealing a la belly shirts and low rise jorts, blue collar pop culture dream of America circa 2003. I don't think we "got" it back then.) Also v. important for the small busted girls out there: DON'T BE AFRAID OF NOT FILLING OUT THE UNDERWIRE. It doesn't even matter I swear. There's like a two inch gap between the cup and my boob but it doesn't matter when you have another layer over it. The gap actually just makes you look way skinnier, kind of like the way models on the runway are able to twist and turn their entire torsos around in their strapless gowns without having any of it touch their skin and everyone's still, like, really into it. Pair with sharp blazer and pointy heels and you've got yourself the po-mo exposed look of 2014. 

photos: FAM! design

| Tank: Mara Hoffman c/o Zappos | Jewelry: c/o Stella Valle | Pants: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Alexander Wang |

| Dress: Stylestalker c/o Zappos | Jewelry: c/o Stella Valle | Shoes: Zara |


| Bustier: Maaji c/o Zappos | Blazer: c/o Line & Dot | Pants: Zara | Shoes: Zara |

RIchmond Thread Lab

I know I don't typically post about menswear on here, but I really wanted to share with y'all a video lookbook for Richmond Thread Lab's new Blue Moon collection. I first learned about the vintage inspired collection through my boyfriend who swore by their dapper ass ties back when he lived in Baltimore. Their latest collection takes inspiration from Japanese fabric designers as well as the texture and movement of the lunar phases. Like a blue moon, the fabrics in our latest collection are rare and exclusive and typically limited to a 10 piece run. 
They just released their newest lookbook video which was such a huge inspiration for me to start doing videos (coming so so so soon guys! I can't wait!) and really encouraged me to try and capture and share that New York City spirit which draws all of us transplants in.

Richmond Thread Lab -Blue Moon Collection- 2014 Summer Look Book from FAM Design on Vimeo.

paisley please + exciting news!

I'm happy to announce that I've teamed up with the Brooklyn based creative team at FAM! design to bring you guys new and better blog content. While we've been quietly working hard to strategize and queue up new posts, here's just a quick taste of our process, featuring the perfect spring weekend staples from Vans. Classic black lo pro kicks - sturdy and comfy enough to pound the pavement during location scouting, billowy paisley pants, and a sporty racerback tank: comfortable as hell to move around in, traverse downtown Manhattan's cobblestone blocks, and of course fashionable enough to still turn some heads.

photos: FAM! design

| Tank: c/o VANS | Pants: c/o VANS | Sneakers: c/o VANS

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