Holiday Gift Guide

In typical Carina fashion, this is going up 5 4.5 days before Christmas. For any of you other gift procrastinators (read: college students wrapping up finals) here's what I'd get for my family and best friends:

For Dad: Daddio, "baba", pops, papa Hsieh. Since my dad LOVES hunting and other alpha male things that intimidate and confuse me, I'd get him the CL Binoculars from the coveted Swarovski Optik line. These are sweet little binos. The quality of glass and efficiency of design is so high that a backpacker (my mode of transportation for all things school and blog related tbh!) will be able to enjoy the same or better optical capability as carrying much heavier and larger optics.

For Mom: Mom deserves something classic and elegant for the holidays. In addition to this year's Swarovski Annual Christmas Ornament, I'd also get her this gorgeous Swarovski necklace and earring set. It's timeless yet modern, and easy enough to pair seamlessly with anything. 

For your friends: 

The trendy gay BFF: This flawless creature deserves something relevant and preferably as flaw free as himself. I'd go Denim & Supply for this one. Classic distressed denim jackets, flannels, leather slip ons, and lots of American flags make for some good Lana Del Rey vibes. 

The stylist BFF: Her knowledge of ~hi fashun~ is enough to intimidate even the most seasoned front row bloggers, yet she's kind enough to bring you burgers during finals. Whatever you get her definitely has to have hip street cred. I like NYC's very own Pixie Market for this one. They've got a highly edited selection of only the coolest pieces (and at affordable price points too!) and they're located conveniently in the Lower East Side. I know that gift certificates are the biggest cop out ever, but I think it's well justified for someone whose style is eternally better than your own. 

Warm wishes to you and all your families this holiday season and happy neue year bbs! 


  1. Beautiful gift ideas great job. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Needless to say, they thought I was very enthusiastic and all that jazz. They said to me ‘Well, it doesn’t really meet the qualifications of our focus right now. But thanks for the information….etc.’

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