Four Eyes

With geek chic clearly here to stay, I might as well jump on board and pull the trigger on a new pair of glasses. I confess, I'm usually the world's biggest proponent of contacts but after checking out some of the cute styles on I just can't help but feel a bit of envy for all the surprisingly affordable and fashionable choices. Check out some of my favorites below and be sure to visit their site and pick out your own favorites - remember your first pair is free!

While it's no secret that the subtle cat eye shape is flattering for most everyone, the fun plaid design of this pair makes it a trendy statement piece. It's a playful look that still remains chic and high fashion. 

These are perfect for that sexy librarian look everyone (ok, me) is secretly vying for with glasses. The classic shape and color make this pair a foolproof way for any optical rookie to join the realm of geek chic. 

While ombre hair may be on it's way out, ombre accessories are still going strong. While clear frames may be a summer staple, I think you could get a lot of use out of these in the cooler months (all white snow queen looks anyone?). 

Another classic shape, this time re-imagined with subtle texture detailing on the top of the frames. These would be great for anyone whose wardrobe primarily consists of darker colors (or you know, all black). Pair with a red lip and cat eye for a look that says "I make more than my significant other" because #sherylsandbergaesthetics.

And while these are just my picks, Coastal has a handy illustrated guide on how to pick the best frames for your face so you can get the perfect frames:


  1. The first frame and the third one are my favorite great post doll. Have a great weekend.

  2. I really like the second frame in black! Nice choices


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